Q: How does BestSales work?
A: BestSales is connected to top merchants like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others. After a search is preformed, BestSales uses advanced technology to analyze the different sales, product offers, prices, deals and discounts it finds from across dozens of merchants and find the best ones for you.

Q: Why is the price on BestSales.com different from the one you see when going to the merchant's site?
A: BestSales aims to give the lowest price among sellers in Amazon, eBay and others. You would usually be able to find a link in the page offering the product from a different seller with the price listed on BestSales.com - if this isn't the case please contact us.

Q: How does BestSales sort the products I find after searching?
A: BestSales uses a unique technology to better match the product offers to the exact search that was preformed. Dozens of factors are taken into account in order to provide the most relevant results. You can always use other factors to sort the results using the buttons just under the search box in the results page.

Q: What should I do if I find an error on the BestSales website?
A: We encourage you to report to us if you find any error or something that is broken on the BestSales website. Please use the Contact Us form to report us the issue you encountered. Please include as many details as possible.