Shopping Smart on Cyber Monday 2016

Shopping Smart on Cyber Monday 2016

Shopping Smart on Cyber Monday 2016

26 Nov, 2016

If the thought of battling the shoppers on Black Friday gives you the chills, Cyber Monday may suit your people-less preferences. Online shopping popularity is on the rise. According to Adobe, $3.07 billion was spent online on Cyber Monday in 2015. That’s a 16% increase over 2014. Black Friday sales raked in at $1.8 billion in brick-and-mortar stores, suggesting that more people prefer online shopping.

To help you prepare for this November’s shopping holiday, we put together a list of tips that cover everything from preparation to the types of items you should shop for on Cyber Monday. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Prepare & Plan for Cyber Monday

The worst thing you can do as a shopper is head into Cyber Monday without a concrete plan in place. If you’re reading this post, you’re already thinking about the day, which means you should start preparing your gameplan now. That’s right – better late than never!

Ways to prepare include:

● Create a Shopping List
● Start Scoping Out the Best Deals
● Add Items to Your Cart Before Monday
● Sign Up for Deal Alerts

You can actually start researching deals now and as the date grows closer and closer, more and more sites will start to reveal their Cyber Monday offerings. The more you prepare, the more likely you are to score the best deals and snag everything on your list.

Security or Bust

Unfortunately, we live in an age where security, especially online, is not guaranteed. Cyber hackers target shoppers online everyday, and Cyber Monday is their field day. There are ways to prevent a cyber attack and protect your personal information.

First, always look for the HTTPS “lock” symbol in your browser address window while you’re shopping online. This proves that the site in encrypted and is one step closer to fully protecting your personal information.

Shop from trusted vendors. If you’ve never heard of the site, you can perform a search to check its legitimacy, but you’re better off avoiding it. Pay attention to URLs and make sure you’re always in a familiar, trusted checkout before submitting your info.

Finally, if the deal sounds way too good to be true, it probably is. Even though it’s Cyber Monday, you’re still going to have to pay for your purchases. Remember, scammers want to take advantage of your excitement to find a deal, so always double (or triple) check your deals before checking out.

Overall, to avoid the worries, stick with trusted, familiar vendors.

Best Items to Buy on Cyber Monday

Black Friday is known for its TV sales and Cyber Monday is typically centered around tech items and household appliances.

Typical items on sale include headphones, laptops, gaming consoles. One of the biggest hits this holiday season is the NES Classic Edition by Nintendo.

Check Shipping & Return Policies

Many stores will try to entice shoppers with free shipping and free returns. This is great! Paying for shipping is never fun. Always check restrictions for shipping and returns before finalizing your orders. Returns are important. If an item doesn’t work, make sure you’re able to send it back for a full refund.

Use a Website to Compare Prices

Websites like help online shoppers compare prices for the same object. You’ll find, especially on Cyber Monday, that multiple retailers are selling the same product, all at different prices. Even when it comes to websites like Amazon or Ebay, often different sellers on these websites will sell the same item for different prices. Sometimes the first price you’ll see isn’t the cheapest, you’ll have to click links saying “Other Sellers” for cheaper prices. Here on Best Sales we break down all items across dozens of websites to help you find the best deal. For more please check the FAQ section.

Instead of scrolling through the web, searching all the sites on your own, use one of these websites to see all of the pricing information in one location.

Establish a Budget

This is self-explanatory, sure, but when you’re shopping a day full of deals, it’s easy to forget about your budget. Our advice – set a budget and stick to it. Don’t rack up debt and purchase a list of items just because it’s on sale.

When you establish a spending limit, you’re more likely to practice efficient shopping practices that you’ll feel comfortable with the next day.

Purchase the Needs Before Wants

While you browsing the deals on Cyber Monday, you may be tempted to purchase that darling sushi pillow or those diamond earrings (hey, they’re $600 off). It’s understandable to get overwhelmed by the amazing deals, but then all of that prep work and budgeting has gone to waste!

Plus, you have an entire list of items that you need to purchase. Stick to those items and if you have money leftover in the budget, who are we to top you from the sushi pillow. It’s cute, we know!