Radar Detector Shopping Guide

Radar Detector Shopping Guide

Radar Detector Shopping Guide

Speed limits on American highways make radar detectors must-have gadgets for those who want to make sure they avoid a costly ticket. Speeding is actually the most common reason for traffic stops, so be prepared next time you see the red and blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror. The use of a radar gun is the most common way for police to determine your speed, so a radar detector is the easiest way to get alerted by the presence of the police. Having a radar detector is not a ticket to speeding without being caught – driving at high speeds is dangerous and should be avoided. However, the device can come in handy for those situations where you are just a bit above the speed limit. Read more to find out how to find the right radar detector for your driving needs.

Types of Radar Detectors
The two main types of radar detectors available on the market are digital radar detectors and laser detectors. Both types serve the same purpose, but the way they work differs. Both digital radar detectors and laser detectors are available in wired and wireless models.

Digital Radar Detectors
This small electronic device alerts you when a radar gun is nearby to catch speeding drivers. This is the best type of radar detector for drivers who do not speed a lot and only require a gadget to make them aware of the police presence. Digital radar detectors are the most affordable choice, but they do not detect laser guns, so if you travel often, you may look at a laser model.

Laser Radar Detectors
Laser radar detectors scan for all types of radar guns used by police, including the more modern laser guns. Many models alert drivers of any upcoming dangerous intersections and red light cameras as well. Just like in the case of digital radar detectors, laser models are not entirely accurate, as they sometimes alert drivers of police presence after the laser gun has actually recorded the speed.

One of the most important things to consider when it comes to radar detectors is the ease of use. In many cases, radar detectors have Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, allowing users to enjoy multiple alert features and enhanced control over detection. Some models have mobile apps that you can install on your phone to get more features and alerts. With a mobile app and a GPS feature on the phone, you can actually see the alert on a map.

If possible, opt for a radar detector that has a mark location and auto-learn processor. This allows you to record specific coordinates when driving past a dangerous intersection or speed trap. With the help of the mobile app, your can contribute to the community by giving and receiving reports regarding hot spots in a certain area.

Many reviewers mention that voice activated radar detectors make a driver’s life easier, as they can control them without having to take the hands off the wheel. Most radar detectors can be mounted on the dashboard, whereas others come with customizable features so the driver can get personalized alerts depending on their driving habits.

For radar detectors that do not come with a mounting kit, you can purchase one separately. Mounting kits are available for mounting the device on the dashboard or the windshield. Other accessories that often come with radar detectors include travel cases remote controls, and extra power cords. In many cases, radar detectors come with an installation kit for easy setup.

Best Radar Detectors Brands
There are multiple radar detector brands to choose from, with three of them receiving constant good reviews from users. Cobra, Escort, and Whistler are all popular brands available on BestSales. Follow the links below the guide to discover them.

Cobra Radar Detectors
One of the most popular brands of radar detectors, Cobra produces both digital radar models and laser radar detectors. You can choose from budget models such as the Cobra iRadar 150 or more sophisticated models such as the Cobra XRS-9970G, which features a touchscreen OLED screen that provides drivers with 3D alerts. This Cobra radar detector also comes equipped with GPS technology and has a special function for reducing false alerts.

Escort Radar Detectors
Escort manufacturers both wired and wireless radar detectors, as well as high-end models that come equipped with GPS and LCD touchscreens. Most of the radar detectors produced by Escort work with the Escort Live Radar Detector that is free to download in the App Store or Google Play for Android phones. The app provides drivers with alerts for known red light and speed cameras. Popular Escort radar detectors with high reviews from users include the Escort Max 360 and Passport Max 2.

Whistler Radar Detectors
Whistler offers a wide range of radar detectors for all budgets. Some models come with voice alerts, whereas others are equipped with a digital compass. The Whistler XTR-130 is a popular model that offers complete band protection from radar signals, cloaking technology, and 360-degree laser detection. Other top-rated Whistler radar detectors are the Whistler Pro 78 XRi Laser Radar Detector and Whistler XTR-195 Cordless Radar Laser Detector.

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