Backpacks Shopping Guide

Backpacks Shopping Guide

Backpacks Shopping Guide

Choosing the right backpack is an important part of any trip, so make sure you have all the information you need at hand before making a purchase. Too large a backpack and you will have to carry too much extra weight; too small, and you’ll have trouble fitting all your belongings in. From the material a backpack is made of to its size and number of compartments, there are multiple things to consider when buying a backpack. This guide will help you get the perfect one for your next adventure.

One of the main factors to consider when choosing a new backpack is what size you need it to be. This generally depends on what you plan to use if for and how many clothes and other supplies you need to take with you. For example, consider whether you want to take the bare essentials with you or a complete kit for a weekend stay. Moreover, take into account your body type, as a backpack that is too heavy may not be suitable for slender or short individuals. As a rule of thumb, a backpack with a capacity of 35 to 50 liters should be enough for a weekend trip, whereas one for an extended trip of three to five nights should have a capacity between 50 and 80 liters.

Body Fit
Most manufacturers offer backpacks in multiple sizes, ranging from extra small to large. This means you can easily find a backpack to fit your torso length. Multiple models come in various sizes for women and men. Some backpacks have adjustable suspensions, which makes them suitable for all torso sizes. This is an excellent option for those who are between sizes. The waist size is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a backpack. As a rule of thumb, at least 80 percent of the backpack’s weight should be supported by the hips for enhanced comfort, so make sure the hip belt of the backpack makes the bag a suitable choice for you.

Common Features to Look for in a Backpack
The best backpacks that receive high-reviews from users have multiple features that make then long-lasting and protective. Here are some of the most important features to look for in a backpack:

Multiple Compartments
Multiple compartments are a must have for a god backpack. Compartments allow you to pack different kinds of items separately, so you can get easy access to them quickly. Look for a backpack with separate compartments for gadgets if you want o carry your laptop or tablet, or with a compartment for an umbrella. Some backpacks have separate side compartments that allow you to save time when looking for something.

Internal Frame
Backpacks with an internal frame have built-in support rods that are hidden from view. Unlike external rods, internal ones protect your belongings from getting tangled and make the entire bag slimmer and easier to carry. In most cases, the internal frame is constructed from tough plastic or carbon, so the backpack is more durable.

Lockable Zippers
A feature that most reviews recommend in backpacks are lockable zippers. This is a good feature for those moments you have to leave the bag in a hostel, or simply for peace of mind at all times.

Water Resistant Material
Even though most regular users do not actually need a backpack made 100 % from waterproof materials, choose a model that has at least a semi-waterproof material, so your backpack can be protected in light rain. If you get caught in a drizzle, make sure to dry the backpack as soon as possible, to prevent it from getting musty.

Padded Shoulder Straps
Padded shoulder straps are a must for those who use the backpack on a regular basis and for prolonged periods. They make carrying the backpack more comfortable. The padded straps help take some of the pressure off the lower back, while putting less pressure on the shoulders.

Top Backpack Brands
In the world of backpacks, choosing a model manufactured by one of the leading names in the industry matters. Whether you are looking for a backpack to take with you on a weekend city break, or one that is suitable for hiking, have a look at the best brands below, and browse the selection on BestSales by clicking the links below the guide.

With a history of more than a century in manufacturing high-quality backpacks, Deuter produces backpacks featuring the AirComfort system, an enhanced ventilation system that allows you to remain comfortable no matter how many hours you wear it. Deuter produces a wide range of backpacks that range from hiking and mountaineering backpacks to models that allow you to carry your kid in. Models with high rates from consumers include the Deuter Airlite 20 SL Hiking Backpack, Deuter Hydro Lite 3.0 Backpack, and Deuter Futura Vario 60+10 Hiking Backpack.

North Face
Most of the backpacks manufactured by this American company do a good job when it comes to withstand the elements. These backpacks are generally aimed at the outdoors types. North Face backpacks are available in a wide range of sizes and models, with multiple designs available for men, women, and children. Some popular North Face backpacks include The North Face Borealis Backpack, The North Face Jester, and The North Face Slingshot Backpack.

From hiking backpacks to daypacks, there are multiple styles to choose from when it comes to JanSport backpacks. Wheeled bags, hydration packs, and laptop bags are also available for those looking for a JanSport product. Examples of top-rated JanSport backpacks include the JanSport T501 SuperBreak Backpack, which is perfect for a short weekend break, and the JanSport Tulare Backpack, ideal for those who have more to pack.

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