Air Jordan – Past, Today and Future

Air Jordan – Past, Today and Future

Air Jordan – Past, Today and Future

27 Feb, 2017

Originally introduced in 1984, Air Jordan is a show brand specifically designed and owned by Michael Jordan. The brand and style of shoe has evolved greatly since their initial introduction, ranging from the original basketball shoe to footwear that is suitable for general wear. There have been multiple models throughout the years, although the most awaited model is the Air Jordan 30 which has yet to be released. There has been much speculation over what the shoe will look like, when, and where the official release will take place.

Air Jordan 1
The first model, Air Jordan 1, is a retro model of Jordans that continues to be sold today. The price range for these shoes can truly vary, with some variations of the shoe costing over $250. Depending on the colors, designs, and other aspects associated with the rarity of Air Jordan 1, sometimes the cost can be higher. For example, the model of the Air Jordan 1 with a high strap can cost up to $500 in comparison to models without the high strap, which cost considerably less.

Air Jordan 2 – 29 Models
Generally speaking, Air Jordan models have always evolved and improved with each release of the latest model. Depending on the model, there may be different features such as additional cushioning for the feet, unique materials in the design, or customization aspects. Although a new model may be released, it doesn’t stop production on the previous models, and it’s usually easy to find even some of the earliest models that were released. Moreover, new color schemes have been continually released throughout the years for previous models even as the newest releases have been announced.

Jordan Future
The Jordan Future model was first introduced in 2014. This model has some influences from the Air Jordan 11 model, including the sole and midsole. However, Jordan Future was a model that was still unique unto itself. For example, this model includes a woven upper portion, which is unlike anything else that has been offered by Jordan as a brand. As many have come to expect with the brand, there are a variety of colors and interesting patterns which still reflect the initial Jordan style. A pair of Jordan Futures tends to maintain the same price as the other models available, although sometimes they are also significantly lower and more affordable as an introductory shoe to those that are new to the brand.

Air Jordan 30
There has been very little information about the official release date for the Air Jordan 30 model. Some sources have claimed that the model will be available in grey sometime in February 2016, but there hasn’t been a specific date listed for the first release. In fact, many have thought that the Air Jordan 30 would be released before the end of 2015. Acknowledging the 30th anniversary of Air Jordans, it is expected that there will be some commemorative releases, if not for Air Jordan 30 being unlike anything else that has previously been seen from the brand overall.

General Wear vs. Collectors Items
Over the years, there has always been some controversy regarding Air Jordans. Some people purchase the shoes for general use and wear, which has long made Air Jordans the subject of conversation and even pop culture. There are also those who purchase Air Jordans for athletic use and to wear while playing basketball, much like their designer Michael Jordan was known to wear them for. However, there remain to be some people who have actually managed to keep their Air Jordans from 1985 completely pristine! These are often sold as collector’s items on sites such as eBay. Some models that are particularly rare or harder to find outside of the United States are also sold as collector’s items depending on the condition and overall difficulty in being able to acquire those models. Naturally, if the pair of Jordans has been signed by Michael Jordan himself, they are also instantly a collector’s item among fans as well.

Although it can be fairly simple to find all of the general releases of Air Jordans available for purchase online for reasonable prices, it is not uncommon to also find people who are selling their entire collection for a significantly higher price either due to customized pairs or rarities. Regularly priced Air Jordans can range from $75 and up, while collector’s edition worthy pieces have been known to sell for thousands and thousands of dollars.